About us

About Us

Introducing The Grove Grill-an inviting fusion eatery nestled in the heart of Bloomfield, New Jersey (formally known as “Tobacco King”) , where vibrant Jamaican and American culinary traditions beautifully collide. As a black women-owned establishment, we take immense pride in offering a warm, inclusive space that celebrates diversity through flavor and community. At The Grove Grill, we specialize in crafting a breakfast experience that tantalizes taste buds and speaks to the soul. Our menu showcases an array of the finest breakfast dishes, artfully blending Jamaican-inspired flavors with beloved American classics. From the savory richness of Ackee and Saltfish to the comforting familiarity of fluffy pancakes or crispy bacon, every bite tells a story of cultural fusion and culinary expertise. However, our crowning glory lies in the celebrated Oxtail Patty Deluxe—a mouthwatering creation that has become our signature dish. Infused with the essence of Jamaican spices and savory oxtail, sandwiched between layers of perfectly baked dough, this delicacy embodies our commitment to offering unique and unforgettable dining experiences. More than just a place to savor exceptional cuisine, The Grove Grill is a haven where guests are embraced like family. We extend a heartfelt welcome to all, creating an environment where diversity is celebrated, and connections are forged over delicious meals. Steeped in the spirit of cultural fusion and guided by the vision of our black women proprietors, The Grove Grill is more than a dining destination—it’s a testament to the richness of heritage and the power of culinary artistry. Join us on a journey of flavors that transcend borders, as we invite you to experience the warmth, authenticity, and flavorsome delights that define our Jamaican-American fusion cuisine. Come, dine with us at The Grove Grill,where every plate tells a story, and every guest is part of our vibrant culinary narrative.

Our Approach

Our restaurant prides itself on delivering high-quality cuisine that is second to none. Our daily made fresh meals are carefully crafted using only the finest, most authentic ingredients sourced from reputable Caribbean markets across the country. You won’t find a better taste of the islands at such an affordable price. Come and enjoy a delicious meal that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy!

Our Mission

Our goal is to create an exceptional fine dining experience that’s authentically Jamaican. We strive to provide excellent service in a welcoming atmosphere that’s rooted in professionalism and Christ-centered love. With delectable cuisine to match, we’re committed to providing our guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

Our Story

Since 2018

Starting as a small family restaurant now The Grove Grill offers one of the best Jamaican experiences in Bloomfield NJ.

The Food

Our barbecue recipes have been passed down from one generation to another to keep the tradition & offer a quality steak dining experience.


We only use the highest quality of ingredients for all recipes. Focus is always to serve and present a memorable dinning experience.
Chef James Kohela

Get to know the Chef and you will start to enjoy dining out even more